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    mr.o 2002

    Ronnie is going to kick ass!
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    Philiep van Nuffel

    I hope he will..... looks like he has got a hell of a lot potential! ptbyjason
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    Video clip

    I havnt seen it yet but I will def be on the lookout for that one! ptbyjason
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    Whaha that is some funny shit bro!! :D you lazy bitch!! j/k!! ptbyjason
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    Joepi, ik ben geen skeletje meer!

    You def. made some progress.... keep up the good work girl!
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    Doorgroeien na kuur

    Sounds like you made some serious progress! The substance in your systym will not stop working immediately after you stopped your will stay active in your body for a couple of weeks or more.... This made you gain another whopping 4.5 kilo's. Keep up the good work! ptbyjason
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    "Hoeveul" (Brabants)

    Dont be like that,.... I was just trying to help you out my friend. ptbyjason
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    Philiep van Nuffel

    He looks like a tank!! Great!! ptbyjason
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    "Hoeveul" (Brabants)

    My friend you dont know what your talking about... please be carefull....!!
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    Vetvrij Dieet

    7 days of dieting wont get you ripped!! Getting ripped asks for hard work and maximum dedication. Do some more research on the internet and you will find out wat it takes to to get lean and mean. Good Luck my friend! ptbyjason
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    suggesties voor kuiten

    Try changing the position of your feet...this will able you to get more variation in your calf workout while using only one machine. Or go to another gym haha LOL! ptbyjason
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    "Hoeveul" (Brabants)

    Before you ask questions like this, please do some research! Nobody will be able to help you....give us info about yourself, your trainingexperiences and the type of drug your talking about. ptbyjason
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    tis nog rustig

    A very interesting board.... I might just stick around for a while. ptbyjason
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