Bob Eucker's Bench Routine

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13 jul 2003
This is the actual bench routine used by Bob Eucker whilst training for the 1995 USPF Junior Nationals. Competing in the 100kg class, Bob benched 200kg on his way to making an IPF Junior World Record Total of 880kg.
Key Weight in Pounds x Reps x Sets. Bob's comments have also been included.
Week 1 315x10 225x20
Week 2 330x10 225x20
Week 3 350x8 225x20
Week 4 355x8
Week 5 360x6
Week 6 365x6
Week 7 370x6
Week 8 375x6
Week 9 380x6
Week 10 385x6
Week 11 390x6
Week 12 390x4 missed 5th rep, felt absolutely terrible.
Week 13 400x5 best bench day of the cycle.
Week 14 405x4 435x1 missed 5th rep, then tried heavy single.
Week 15 415x3 440x1
Week 16 420x2 missed third rep.
Week 17 435x3 455x1 loose bench shirt.
Week 18 450x2 tighter bench shirt
Week 19 460x2 450x1 competition bench shirt, paused 450.
Week 20 470x1 paused, extremely easy. Tried touch and go 500, but missed 1 inch from lockout.

Assistance 2 sets of close grip, 2 sets fo either wide grip benches, inclines, or dumbbell inclines. Note that in the above routine for most of the weeks did a second top set, usually for same reps but with 10-15 pounds less. Best performance on close grip was week 17 with 370x5 without a bench shirt.

Meet 424, 440, 457. Missed 457 on uneven extension.

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