Bob Eucker's Deadlift Routine

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13 jul 2003
This is the actual deadlift routine used by Bob Eucker whilst training for the 1995 USPF Junior Nationals. Competing in the 100kg class, Bob deadlifted 342.5kg to make an IPF Junior World Record Total of 880kg.
Key Weight in Pounds x Reps x Sets. Bob's comments have also been included.
Week 1 410x6 off 100lb plate, no belt, conventioal style.
Week 2 455x6
Week 3 480x6
Week 4 500x6
Week 5 530x6 start wearing belt.
Week 6 560x6 stop using plate.
Week 7 585x3x2 felt terrible, just wanted to go home as soon as I got to the gym.
Week 8 600x6 tough set, but much improved over last week.
Week 9 630x6 switch to sumo style, start wearing suit with straps down, extremely easy.
Week 10 650x5
Week 11 665x3 different gym, platform terrible - unable to reset correctly between reps.
Week 12 670x4 back to usual gym.
Week 13 685x4 suits straps up.
Week 14 700x2 missed third rep.
Week 15 710x2 750x1 missed third rep at 710.
Week 16 720x2
Week 17 730x2 775x1 personal best single, felt very light.
Week 18 790x1 felt good for 805-810.

Assistance 4 sets of pulldowns of chins, 3 sets of shrugs, 3 to 4 sets of some type of row. Biceps 4 to 6 sets. Calves 4 to 6 sets.

Meet 727, 755, 755, 771. Missed second attempt with 755, but pulled it successfully on third. Missed fourth attempt with 771 due to fatigue.

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