Bob Eucker's Squat Routine

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13 jul 2003
This is the actual squat routine used by Bob Eucker whilst training for the 1995 USPF Junior Nationals. Competing in the 100kg class, Bob squatted 337.5kg to set a USPF Junior Record. In addition, he made an IPF Junior World Record Total of 880kg.
Key Weight in Pounds x Reps x Sets. Bob's comments have also been included.
Week 1 410x2x5 with just a belt.
Week 2 450x2x5 big jump, as 410 was nothing.
Week 3 485x2x5
Week 4 515x2x5
Week 5 535x2x5 this was a tough day, really had to work hard.
Week 6 555x2x5 started using loose suit, straps down.
Week 7 575x2x5
Week 8 595x2x3 started using knee wraps
Week 9 615x2x3
Week 10 630x2x3
Week 11 645x2x3
Week 12 660x2x2 back was getting tired, switched to two sets.
Week 13 675x2x2 tighter suit, straps still down.
Week 14 685x2x2
Week 15 695x2x2
Week 16 705x2 720x1 just had urge to try single.
Week 17 715x2 suit straps up
Week 18 725x2
Week 19 735x1 tried for two reps, but missed second.
Week 20 750x1 solid lift, felt good for 765.

Assistance 3 to 4 sets of leg curls, leg extensions, and some calf work.

Meet 694, 722, 744. Missed 694 on depth. Successful with 722, and 744. Felt good for 755.

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