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Bud Jeffries style training

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23 okt 2005
Bud Jeffries is wss de sterkste raw naturel squatter die er is, hij fullsquat en pinsquat vanaf onderin 1000lbs, doet quarter pin's met 1850lbs en heeft nog een hoop zieke strength feats op z'n naam.

Een trainingsmethode van z'n website:

Four Days A Week

Three days a week. Warm up with one minute each nonstop of bodyweight squats, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, flutter kicks and squat thrusts. From there work up to a moderate single of full or partial squats and full or partial one arm presses every day. Pick a pulling exercise either bent arm or straight arm alternate them and work up to a moderately heavy top set of low reps. Finish with five to ten minutes of alternative conditioners. Rotate a different one every day. Could be light strongman work such as sled pulling, farmers walking or stone lifting. Could be light, high repetition work with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, stones, sledgehammers, clubs, etc.

The fourth day is your "Outlaw Day." Do something that is just radical. Find a challenge that you want to complete and work on it till it's done. Something that really stretches you. Find a bodybuilder and see if you can work him in the ground. Some of the whacko things I've done: press an 85lb dumbbell 400 times, carry a yoke ½ mile. Drag a heavy sled 1/3 mile. Carry a heavy stone 1/3 mile. 1,000 pushups/2,000 squats. You get the idea.

Remember that most of the people we respect, now in many areas of life were a heretic at some point. Almost everybody who makes radical strength breakthroughs, has done something against conventional wisdom and been labeled wrong for it, but in the end they got stronger. This applies to everything else as well. Martin Luther, Christopher Columbus, Copernicus… you understand what I mean.

Be your own man.

Now, go out and set some personal record about something that you thought you could never do. And then, help someone else to do the same thing.

Het volledige artikel: Strongerman Productions - Growing in strength and faith through Christianity, Strongman, Powerlifting and weightlifting in Lakeland, Florida, with Bud Jeffries

Het ziet er wel uit als een fijne marnier van trainen, ik ga het zelf iig een poging wagen.


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4 mrt 2006
ziet er idd nog leuk uit
edit; dus je moet 3 dagen enkel squat + 1 arm press + pull doen en dan 4de dag iets zot?

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