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8 aug 2006
Ik heb gehoort dat creatine in poedervorm slechte invloed heeft op de nieren, lever, etc. (/als je het telang achtereen zou gebruiken). Maar dat het in vloeibare(?)vorm wel ok zou zijn. Wat is hiervan waar en wat niet??

Als ik zo lees wat er in de eerste paar posts is gezegd en dan met name dit stukje:

7.Creatine Works Better In A Liquid Form.

In fact, in liquid form, you may not even be getting creatine, but creatinine, a by-product of creatine breakdown. Creatine, in powder form, is extremely stable. When exposed to an acidic environment or moisture for a long time, creatine will begin to break down into worthless creatinine. The citric and phosphoric acids found in many liquid creatines, which are used to preserve the shelf life of these products, actually helps break creatine down. So as a rule of thumb, if you're going to make a creatine shake, drink it by the end of the day.

en dit stukje:

Long-term oral creatine supplementation does not impair renal function in healthy athletes.

Poortmans JR, Francaux M

Chimie Physiologique, Institut Superieur d'Education Physique et de Kinesitherapie, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium.

PURPOSE: Oral creatine supplementation is widely used in sportsmen and women. Side effects have been postulated, but no thorough investigations have been conducted to support these assertions. It is important to know whether long-term oral creatine supplementation has any detrimental effects on kidney function in healthy population. METHODS: Creatinine, urea, and plasma albumin clearances have been determined in oral creatine consumers (10 months to 5 yr) and in a control group. RESULTS: There were no statistical differences between the control group and the creatine consumer group for plasma contents and urine excretion rates for creatinine, urea, and albumin. Clearance of these compounds did not differ between the two groups. Thus, glomerular filtration rate, tubular reabsorption, and glomerular membrane permeability were normal in both groups. CONCLUSIONS: Neither short-term, medium-term, nor long-term oral creatine supplements induce detrimental effects on the kidney of healthy individuals.

Dan lijkt me dat de grootste onzin. Aangezien ik er alleen niet veel over weet ben ik er niet zeker van :P
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