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1. No advertising

Any kind of advertising, wether it is on a forum or on or about a website, is not called for. Advertising will be removed, and at any next form of advertising we will issue a red card for:
  • Commercial advertising about a company or website.
  • Commercial advertising to sell own goods or paid services. (exceptions: see rule 2).
  • Contact advertisement. Only at the Personal Meetings subforum is it allowed to post these.

2. No merchandise

Generally spoken, any kind of merchandising is strictly forbidden on this forum. Only the subforum "Aangeboden / Gezocht" is an exception on this rule.

3. No login with multiple accounts.

You're only allowed to log in with just one account. The creation of an extra account to post annonymous is prohibited.

4. Post your topic in the correct (sub)forum

There are many different (sub)forums op DutchBodybuilding.com, please post your topic in the most relevant forum. Wrongly posted topics will be moved by the forum moderators, but when posted in the wrong forum repeadiatly, they will be removed.

5. Don't post your topic in more then one (sub)forum at once.

It is not necessary to post your topic in more then one (sub)forum to get more attention. This forum is widly visited, and with a good share of patience you will get answers or replies to your topic.

6. Do not post topics with a subject that is forbidden by law

All subjects can be discussed, except subjects that break Belgium, Dutch or international laws. Illegal subjects will be removed by moderators. You can be issued nultiple penalty points or even a permanent ban at some violations. Do never post:
  • Subjects of any racist or discrimating nature.
  • Subjects that violate privacy. (posting of local information)
  • Subjects that violate laws of public indecent exposure.
  • Subjects that violate children laws. (pedofily)
  • Subjects that violate narcotic laws.
  • Subjects that contain any other form of illegal business.

7. No foul language, and be polite

The way you communicate on a forum should be no different as when you are communicating with a person face to face. A good question to yourself before you post something is: 'Would i say this to that person when he is in front of me?' The staff on this forum is very strict on kindness and being polite. Insults or provocing will be punished with either a warning (yellow card) or a penalty (red card).

8. Don't let topics go off topic

When someone start a topic about a certain subject, it is because he or she finds this subject interesting. For that reason, do not go off topic without a reason, this would be a show of disrespect towards the topic starter and any other persons who would like to discuss the subject. Always respond friendly, and do not insult anyone.

9. Do not discuss these rules on the forums, and don't criticise them in public.

It is not allowed to discuss these rules in public., more closely: putting dissicions or penalties by forum staff up for discussion by opening a topic or posting a post about it. You can dispute an action taken by a moderator by sending a private message or email to the forum admin. Any complaint will be carefully looked into.

10. Do not violate copyrights.

When you open a topic containing text, photo's or attachments from other authors, you might quite possibly violate the law. Always ask the author's permission to post it on this forum so you will not bring this forum in any danger.

Important: the owner and staff of DutchBodybuilding.com Forum can never be held responsible to whatever users of staff post on the forum. If there are photo's articles or any other copyrighted materiaal up for display on this forum, the author can contact the manager for immidiate removal. The author must understand that it is impossible for the manager and staff to check every single post on this forum.

We guarantee to answer any asked question concerning copyrighted material within seven (7) days. Technical issiues or the manager's absence due to sickness or short leave are an exception on this rule. In case there is no reaction within the seven (7) days, you can contact via tel. nr. +32 (0)494 85 37 67.


At determination of a violation, a user can get a warning (yellow card) or a penalty (red card). At certain more serious violations, a user can get two (2), three (3) or more pnealty points. These points remain valid over the period of one (1) year. At a total of five (5) points, a temporarly ban will follow for a period of one (1) week, it is forbidden to register new accounts during this period. After seven (7) violation points in one (1) year, you wil be banned for a period of indefinite duration.


You can help the moderators by activly participate on the forum and be aware for made violations. When you encounter a violation, report this with the icon visible on any (sub)forum: .


Are you left with any questons after reading these rules? Then you can contact the forum admin by sending him an email. The Dutchbodybuilding.com forum team want to thank you on forehand for respecting these rules and wishes you lots of fun on the forum!
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