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17 apr 2005
Muscle Asylum Project Presents:
Altered State
Muscle Pumps

Vaso-Reactive Nitric Oxide Shock Therapy!

For individuals willing to endure obscene muscle pumps for a higher state of growth. Altered State™ is a vaso-reactive nitric oxide shock therapy designed to stretch muscles to their absolute limits. Bleeding-edge experimental development has spawned the creating of a nitric oxide breakthrough unlike anything the world has ever witnessed. Built with rare vasodilating compounds designed to deliver anabolic growth factors, Altered State™ is the most extreme nitric oxide formula allowed.

Notice to User: By applying the latest advancements in nutramolecular theory, MAP scientists developed Wave Pulse Technology™―designed to take advantage of, and improve upon, dynamic nutrient transport. Years ahead of its time, this patent-pending, groundbreaking innovation leverages a precise portion of strategically scaled molecular compounds engineered to invade your body in a rapid chemical priority. This delivery system is not a time-released process. Wave Pulse Technology™ is built to initiate rapid delivery for accelerated nitric oxide production and abnormal muscle size expansion.

Caution: Keep out of reach of joggers, fitness enthusiasts, and wannabe bodybuilders. Do not store or use any highly pressurized containers or explosive materials within the vicinity of this product. Due to the overwhelmingly powerful effects of Altered State™, you may experience difficulty fitting into clothes, walking through doors, and avoiding attention.

Warning: Materials cause rapid and serious muscle altering effects

* Invades Blood with Insane Vasodilating Substances
* Devastating Muscular Pumps
* Force Feeds Anabolic Growth Factors for Abnormal Muscle Size Expansion
* Ruthlessly Floods Blood Vessels for Obscene Vascularity

Side Effects Include:

* Addictive Muscle Pumps
* Freaky Vascularity
* Sudden Muscle Expansion
* Obscene Muscle Size

:roflol: :roflol: :roflol: Zijn er al mensen die dit hebben geprobeer en/of willen geen probreren........ :no:


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4 jun 2003
Ongelooflijk duur! wel coole labels hehe

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