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Getting huge by sitting on your lazy ass all day??? YOU BET!

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Ok let me start off with some stuff that you already know. Most bodybuilders will workout like 5 days a week training from 45 minutes to 2 hours a day. It is a fact that Arnold trained 6 hours a day 6 days a week. Yea it works for him. He used steroids and had good genes. Steroids decrease recovery time (remember this....recovery time is the key to my system which is basically a ripoff of lots of other systems LOL i combined all my knowledge!!! Plus I made it easy to understand by removing bodybuilding jargon and confusing junk). But steroids harm your body. We both know that. So how can we become huge without steroids and WITHOUT any expensive supplements and only training a little bit each week (god knows we don't have 45 minutes a day 4 times a week. Even though it seems a little we're college kids who want better grades! Lol). Okay so here is what i think. I think it is possible for me and you to become MUCH MUCH bigger by just training 20 minutes a day once a week for eight weeks straight then after eight weeks we take 3 weeks off. Yes you heard right. After 8 weeks of training once a week we will do nothing for 3 weeks. No training at all. The only other thing you gotta do is eat a lot. Stuff yourself full of carbohydrates and protein. That means lots of noodles, spaghetti and breads for carbs and lots of fish, chicken breast and egg whites for protein. I know the dining hall has whole shellless hardboiled eggs at the salad bar. Take 5 each meal. Eat the white part. Ok . I think you will get big. And I will put my pride and rep on the line for it by guaranteeing that we’ll make more GAINS than Jeremy ever could. Jeremy uses similar weights for each workout and slowly increases the weights. We will use heavier weights EVERY single workout because we will be stronger every single time. Guaranteed. This is the key to growing new muscle. You must use heavier weights every single workout. That gives your body a reason to grow new muscle.You remember my estimate? We will workout 160 minutes in 11 weeks compared to his 1980 minutes in 11 weeks. Well no actually we’ll do more than that (a teeny bit more hehe). The system of 20 minutes a week is the base system. There are some additions we can add to it. The MOST time consuming workout I have is a simple 12 day system that I ripped off from Pete Sisco (I am giving credit where credit is due and not saying it’s all my system lol). It is a modified form of his system. Basically you train for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is 1 workout. You workout only 3 times in 12 days! This 3-workouts-in-12-days system will make you grow 1 inch on your arms. Sounds impossible? Try it out when I write about it (even though I said the 11 week system is the base system I suggest doing the 3-workouts-in-12-days first). Ok time to start. I will write a little bit about how/why it works. That doesn’t really matter. We just wanna be huge. Most of this stuff is for upper body. For legs there is a system called HIIT. But mostly I’ll concentrate on upper body. Since neither of us are really that big yet we can train more (later on I’ll talk about how we need MORE rest as we get more and more into training).Some experienced body builders workout the same body parts (like the upper body) once every 18 days. Since we are beginners we’ll workout upper body once every 7 days. After we get through 11 weeks we’ll cut back to once very 9 days then 11 then 14 then finally once every 18 days. Eventually if you get a bodybuilder-like physique you will workout once a month! If you are working out one time in 7 days and you are not getting stronger you can rest even more. Rest up to 9 days if you want.You’ll have a huge chest, arms, back, etc (HIIT also does abs). OK time to start for reals. Ok I know what you wanna know now. WHY does it work?? The secret is RECOVERY (letting your body recover after a hard workout). Remember this. Lets analyze jeremy’s workout to our workout. Jeremy trains TOO much. He is overtraining. How and when do muscles grow?? Wanna know the answer? Here it is: muscles grow when you are NOT working out. Muscles grow mostly when you are asleep (I recommend at least 6 hours a night. If you can get 8 hours that’ll be awesome. 9? Even better). When you workout you are stimulating your muscles to grow. That’s it. Then you go back home and you eat and sleep. Eating and sleeping is what does the growing. Not working out. Jeremy works out upper body 4 or 5 times a week for 45 to 60 minutes. His body is not given enough time to recover. Therefore he is just hurting his muscles and wasting his body’s resources. Your body needs at least 3 to 4 days to recover unless you do some weak dinky workout. More recovery is actually better. Sure jeremy is getting super strong and big now. But sooner or later he will reach his max gain and he’ll be wondering how come he aint getting no bigger. But us, we will always get stronger forever. Yea so I can talk much much more about recovery and stuff but lets just get to the part about training. I don’t wanna waste too much time convincing you about recovery so lets just take it at face value and assume it to be true. Ok. I know you’re skinny already like me. So we don’t have to worry about fat. Lets grow muscle. If you have been working out regularly I suggest you rest for 3 weeks without doing any weightlifting before you start this. But if you have not been lifting you can start this immediately if you desire. OK lets start with the system that puts an inch (yes 1 inch!!!!) on your arms in 12 days with 3 workouts. This way you’ll have some meat to work with when we get to the 11 week system. Okay in this system we will workout biceps, triceps and forearms. Here’s how Pete Sisco describes it “Seated Biceps Curl: Sit on a bench and rest a barbell in your lap. Take a shoulder-width underhand grip on the bar and curl it upward toward your chin. Use a weight that is so heavy you can only perform eight reps. This exercise allows you to use more weight than you normally would because the seated position limits the range of motion. Try to curl 150% of your normal biceps curl weight. Perform one set of eight reps, rest 30 seconds then increase the weight 10% and perform as many reps as you can.” Here is triceps: “Close-Grip Bench Press: Do yourself a big favor and perform this exercise in a power rack or on a smith machine. Limit the range of motion to the top third of your range. By limiting the range of motion you will be able to hoist a much heavier weight and it's that big weight - not the range of motion - that triggers new muscle growth. Grip the bar with your hands spaced about six inches apart and contract your triceps to lift the bar off the support and to full extension. Use a weight that is so heavy you can only perform eight reps. Again, with this restricted range you should be able to use at least 50% more weight than normal. Perform one set of eight reps, rest 30 seconds then increase the weight 10% and perform as many reps as you can.” If you have no access to a benching system it is ok. After reading other articles I believe this workout can be duplicated on a lat machine (the machine with the bar dangling up there and you gotta pull it down). Just stand there and pull down the bar all the way down. Then using your triceps let the bar come up HALF way then push it all the way down again with your triceps. Use a close grip (6inches like what pete said). He said one third of the way. I say do it halfway. Always use the MAX weight you can handle for 8 reps. Ok here is forearms: “Seated Wrist Curls: These are performed from the same position as the biceps exercise, above. With an underhand grip on a barbell, rest your wrists on your knees so your hands extend beyond your knees. Allow the weight of the bar to force your wrist toward the floor. Use your forearm muscles to power the weight back up. Perform one set of eight reps, rest 30 seconds then increase the weight 10% and perform as many reps as you can. Wrist Curls Behind the Back: These are performed by holding a barbell behind your back with your palms facing backward. It helps to have the bar on a rack to start or to have a training partner place the bar in your hands. The heavy bar will naturally hang down and your wrists will be in a relaxed position. Use your forearm muscles to power the weight up by bending your wrists. You can use a lot more weight on this exercise than you think you can. Go heavy. Don't worry about getting a full range of motion. Perform one set of eight reps, rest 30 seconds then increase the weight 10% and perform as many reps as you can.” Each time you perform the four exercises in this arm workout try to increase your weights by 15-25%. Doing the same workout each time gets you nowhere. It's all about making progress. Progress drives new muscle growth. THAT’S IT. I think you should modify this workout though. Pete Sisco thinks you should blast your arms once. I say do all this then do it once more over. Doing it twice still should not take you more than 20 minutes. Force the weight up. If you cannot do it all over again with the same weight then just forget it. DO NOT do it over again if you are too tired and must use lighter weights. I’ll try to blast out another set but I dunno if that’s possible but I’ll try. Doing this is called “burning out.” Pete Sisco does not believe in burning out. Burning out is doing even more sets. But Sisco saids they do nothing. But hey they don’t hurt so what do you have to lose? I think my idea of using the lat machine for triceps may be better than his benching idea. But you can try either way. I’m gonna give the lat machine a try though. Ok so do this 3 times in 12 days using 15-25% more weight than the workout before. If you can’t then you can do less. Just make sure you add more weight even if its like 1 pound or something (dangle some of those girly dumbbells on the barbells if you have to LOL). Note: Barbells are the weights with a bar. Dumbbells are the small ones you hold with one hand. OK now this is 12 days later. We will start our 11-week program now. Lets say your workout every Monday. Workout as intensely as you can. Forget about doing hella number of sets and reps. I recommend 2 or 3 sets (I’m gonna try 2 dinky sets only!). Don’t do a lot of reps. Get a hella heavy weight so that you can only do 6 to 8 reps. But here’s the secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I mean by intensity? Hehe this will SURPRISE you! When I ask you to think about a tough guy working out in a gym what do you think about? You probably think about Arnold Schwarzenegger holding a barbell and repping it up and down up and down up and down for like 15 to 20 times. BUT THIS IS WRONG. Intensity depends purely on weight, not the range of motion. Lets use me as an example. I can rep 60 pounds for barbell curls. But I can hold 80 pounds. I don’t mean hold 80 pounds with my arms all the way down or all the way up. You are not using your muscle when you do that. Find the angle that your arm is the strongest and hold the weight at an angle. Your arm will probably be almost parallel to the ground. Rep it from there. Max weight so you can only rep 8 times at most. See you are not using the full range of motion therefore you can lift more weight. So on every exercise you perform do not use the full range of motion. If you are gonna bench then go bench the weight for the top 2 inches or something. Yea you saw right: top 2 inches only. The bar will not even go halfway down. But remember, do NOT lock out your arms. If you do that you will not be using your muscle to hold up the weight. Also you risk snapping your arms in half so don’t do that. Oh yea did I mention get a person to work out with you. He can be your spotter and supporter. Churn out one set of 8 reps for each exercise you do. Then rest 30 seconds and put even more weight and churn out as many reps as possible with that even if it is 2 reps or even just one. Ok this is your 11 week system. After 11 weeks repeat the same thing over but with one modification. Get a super duper heavy weight and do not even rep it a centimeter. Just hold it. That’s it. Just hold it at an angle that your muscle is strongest at. If you are curling that may be 45 degrees with the floor. If you are benching your elbow may bend out an inch or two. Whatever it is just hold it and make sure your muscles are being forced to hold it. Oh yea pick the heaviest weight that you can only hold for about 10 seconds. So that’s about it. I think Sisco is wrong in that he believes only 1 set is necessary. Maybe we try 2 sets if we can and then the third max out set. Arnold always believed that you are getting a worthy workout as long as you feel the “pump.” This is just when your arms feel really tight cuz blood is rushing into your arms. But I believe this is wrong. You can get a pump by just doing pushups but pushups are not gonna make you buff. The former Mr. America used to do up to 100 sets for a single body part in one day. Now that is way way too much. This is basically a 24 week workout all combined. That should last you until the end of the schoolyear. There is a system completely opposite from the one I just talked about. It is called german volume training. This is when you find your max weight for a certain exercise. Whatever your max weight is you take it and multiple it by 0.6. You take that weight and you do 10 sets of 10 for any and all exercises. You rest 45 to 60 seconds between each set. I do not recommend doing that right now. I have tried this workout and it has put one inch on my arm in 1 month. But I believe the other workout is more important. It can put one inch on your arm in 12 days. Ok measure your arm size (circumference of your arms while flexing) Also measure the circumference of your upper body (your chest while flexing your pecs). At the end of the year see how much you have grown. I started school at 105. I am 125 now. I aim at being 145 by the time the schoolyear is over. Lets see what happens. IM me if you don’t understand parts of it. I am still uncertain about the sets. I believe doing more sets might help. But for now I’ll stick to 2 sets and the max out set.

Thanx for reading this :D
Paragraphs and interpunction are your friend. ;)

Nice read tho :thumbs:
Yo Shane, Holla, Good To See U Are Still Uneducated
yo Shane, welkom to dbb.com :thumbs:

could you please cut your story in pieces,
it's to big for my concentration :P thank u ;)
welcom shane,
nice read indead, but seems a bit unrealistic to me. I´m just having a hard time believing that one can get huge by doing so little training. But I have no real arguments for my statement.
anyhow, can i compare this with Menzer´s method? (I assume you´re familiar with Menzer´s method)
gr, D.
Haha, time to apply some interpunction? I'm not going to read that.
Yai, one inch of fat on your arms in 12 days, that's what we want :(...

And did you mean that you'll keep growing forever, because you grow at a very slow rate :D? (j/k)

Nice if this kind of training will work for you, but I'm sticking with the usual shit.
Hee Kay zei:
Haha, time to apply some interpunction? I'm not going to read that.

same here :P
weinig trainen veel groeien, zoiets. je traint in 12dagen 3keer, gaat heel je lichaam bijlangs zeg maar. elke keer neem je een zwaarder gewicht. Je traint gewoon vet weinig en met kleine roms. maar HUGE wordt je wel. aldus, shane.
There was made a thread about you :D
D. zei:
welcom shane,
nice read indead, but seems a bit unrealistic to me. I´m just having a hard time believing that one can get huge by doing so little training. But I have no real arguments for my statement.
anyhow, can i compare this with Menzer´s method? (I assume you´re familiar with Menzer´s method)
gr, D.
Yeah nobody seem to believe it... but it works definitely, i tried it myself.
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you're not ShaneG from bb.com forums..thanks for trying though
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