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Never come off and still lead a healthy life ?
Training a lot of top level athletes you need to get creative sometimes. Especially when you get real talents that want to go pro and given the insecurity of life as a pro. It seems a bit stupid to go on year long cycles, mess up your health and find out that the pro business isn't for you. So how do you stay big year long without totally ruining your health ?

Basically optimal recovery, maximum gains over time and minimal long-term risks are achieved when doing a cycle of 10-12 weeks with proper post-cycle therapy and a minimum of 10 weeks off. Longer compromises recovery, shorter requires more cycles and increases long-term risk. So let's say 12 on 12 off is your thing to stay healthy.

First things first : staying healthy on 12 on 12 off. Forget about acne, its not a health risk. Taking accutane is a health risk. So deal with acne. Deal with hair loss. DHT blockers will reduce strength and coordination, other treatments are usually anti-androgen and will reduce gains. If you are predisposed come to terms with it, if you are not you have nothing to worry about. Estrogen is a major part of not only gains, but also to immunity. So staying healthy you will need estrogen. therefor you should give preference to using Nolvadex to treat onsetting gyno, rather than arimidex or letrozole as a preventive matter. Again gyno is not life-threatening and even if not treated can be surgically removed. Once over 45 a yearly prostate check is in order, perhaps even twice a year. And last but not least : LIMIT the use of orals to 5-6 weeks of your 12 week cycle or leave them out entirely. When you do use them have your liver values checked every three weeks starting the week prior to beginning up to 3 weeks after ending. Its a bitch, but its essential.

On your 12 off weeks, endocrine recovery says you cannot use any type of steroid (minus some HCG the first two, to preced clomid or Nolvadex therapy) for this period. So you switch to HGH and insulin. HGH alone does nothing, insulin alone will help, but to nowhere near the same extent. Some may think 12 weeks is a bit short for HGH but its the IGF-I we want that we get when combining with slin.

Precautions : Say you work out an hour , take a break at 45 minutes and set the HGH. Don't need to go too high, 5-6 IU will do. This with an eye on preventing roid gut and cardiac hypertrophy. Both long-term risks of high HGH usage. Then set your insulin after the workout, start at 4,6,8,10 increasing every three days and keep it around 10 Iu, that should be more than sufficient. 5 minutes later you should be consuming your weight gainer with ample dextrose and already have a liter bottle of dextrose in water ready afterwards. Sip it regularly for the coming 4.5 hours, assuming you are using a short-acting insulin. Prior to ever using insulin, its best to have blood sugar levels tested to exclude abnormalities.

The heart and prostate are the weak points in the system that should be watched closely.

This system avoids all the pitfalls of morons who bridge (who the hell invented that anyway ? You systematically ruin recovery and yet you are using doses not worth the wart on my grandma's ass).

you can live a perfectly happy, healthy life in this manner, and give your life a lot more quality than people who age regularly with declining hormone levels. Odds are small that you will live past 80 (they already are), but you can rest assured you'll be spared of senility and debilitating disease in your old age, and be able to play with your grand or even greatgrandchildren.
wie heeft dit stuk geschreven?, eigenlijk allemaal oud nieuws niet??
Originally posted by admin
are small that you will live past 80 (they already are),

Dit lijkt me toch minder amusant ... ben immers van plan 100 te worden.
Originally posted by Marcel36
wie heeft dit stuk geschreven?, eigenlijk allemaal oud nieuws niet??
Big Cat, en oud nieuws zou ik het niet noemen, het zijn goede tips voor BB die gezond kuren en toch groot willen worden.
Re: Re: Gezondheid/kuren

Originally posted by BigFil

Dit lijkt me toch minder amusant ... ben immers van plan 100 te worden.
Mannen worden meestal nooit zo oud.
De gemiddelde levensverwachting van de man komt amper boven de 75. En deze is aan het stagneren omdat wij Nederlanders slecht leven (gemiddeld genomen). Als ik de 80 mag halen dan teken ik er nu nog voor :D.
Nou dat weet ik net zo nog niet. Wie weet hoe je er dan bijloopt, -zit of -ligt. Oud worden is leuk, maar dan alleen als je nog vanalles kunt en niet gedoemd bent om alleen maar thuis of in een verzorgingstehuis te hangen en te wachten totdat je kinderen en kleinkinderen 1 keer per maand langskomen voor 2 uurtjes. Verder doe je niets anders dan medicijnen en voedsel innemen net zolang tot je verlost bent van dit aardse leven. Oh ja verder heeft vrienden maken in zo'n tehuis ook geen zin, omdat iedereen om je heen doodgaat.

Beetje pessimistische kijk heb ik er misschien op, maar zo denk ik er over:rolleyes:
Ga eerst ff van het leven genieten jongens voor dat je aan het bejaardenhuis denkt!!!!!!!!!
Bovendien mogen we toch tot onze 75ste doorwerken dadelijk, dus dan werk je tot je sterft..
Ach ja ik ben nu nog jong dus verder hou ik mij er niet mee bezig:D
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