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7 okt 2002
Goeie oefening. Ik denk dat ik hem in mijn schema op ga nemen

"The Annoying Sissy-Boy Toe Drop

This movement can be performed in conjunction with almost any weighted exercise listed above. Here's how it works: While doing those odd-looking exercises, an annoying sissy-boy who works at your gym will approach you to tell you how dangerous the movement is or that it isn't within the rules of the gym to allow such exercises. He will most likely approach you during your set and will justify his narrow-minded opinion based on the fact that he didn't see such an exercise listed in his ACE personal trainer home study guide.

While said annoying sissy-boy is giving his spiel (usually in a huffy, better-than-though tone), lock your eyes on his toes. This will help with the "mind-muscle connection." Now, depending on which exercise you're performing, drop the barbell or dumbbell directly on sissy-boy's toes. If you don't hear a suitable crunching sound accompanied by high-pitched squealing, repeat the "accidental" drop.

Explain to sissy-boy that if he would've added some variety to his training, he might have had the athletic ability to dodge the weight and avoid a debilitating injury. Tell him that when he recovers you'll gladly show him a few of the movements and loan him a copy of T-mag.

Walk away smirking with an air of superiority.

Goed idee 3XL
Maar of je erg veel vrienden maakt met deze revolutionaire oefening:D
lol :D Al eens geprobeerd?
Hmmm komt bekent voor :D
Goede oefening maar mijn trainingsmaatje werd dit snel beu, iemand een idee waarom ???
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