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Ik ga binnenkort een kuurtje doen. Zoals je weet is dat niet zo gezond voor het haar op je hoofd. Weten jullie of er supplementen zijn die je kan nemen om eventuele haaruitval tegen te gaan?
Kaal worden / haar verliezen is genetisch bepaald MOCHT dit erfelijk zijn bij jouw in de familie dan kan het zijn dat AAS het kaal worden versneld.

Zoniet > don't worry.

Groet Smalluser :thumb:
ja er is een middeltje tegen dat haaruitval voorkomt. Het heet priorin. Het zijn tabletten maar je hebt er ook shampoo van
of dit:Nizoral Shampoo: Nizoral Shampoo was first brought to the attention of bodybuilders by Mike Mooney who learned of it from a doctor friend of his. Mike is the publisher of the Metabolics news letter and a writer for Muscle Media 2000. Nizoral is an anti fungal shampoo and the active ingredient is a plant derivative called Ketoconazol and is produced by Janssen Pharmaceuticals. How and why Nizoral works on hair loss in not very well understood. It might work by blocking the DHT at the follicle and/or working by reducing the amount of inflammation at the hair follicle. Unfortunately, there is not much hard data regarding this product and hair loss, but a lot of people (including Mike) really swear by this stuff. It is not particularly expensive or hard to use, but it does require a prescription. Many people are getting it without a prescription by ordering it from other countries. Non controlled medications can be ordered from other countries. Nizoral is just used as a regular shampoo, left on the scalp for at least five minutes, then rinsed out.
The Ultimate Hair Stack

We all know what a "steroid stack" is and most people know what a "supplement stack" is, but have you heard of a hair stack? Probably not. Well I am going to give you the hair stack I, and a bunch of other people I know, currently use based on the above information. I would say better than 90% of the people I have given this stack to who have followed it religiously (didn you know that the science of hair loss is a religion for some people?), have noticed a total cessation of hair loss and even some moderate regrowth. As for me, I could definitely use some more hair, but I am a lot better off than my mothers father was or my father is now, not to mention my brother (good thing my brother does not read bodybuilding magazines!). Obviously, I can and won make any guarantees that this will work for you, but it should. However, the causes of hair loss are many and depend on numerous physiological variables (certain medications, stress, diet, genetics, etc.) , so keep your expectations to something that is realistic for your particular level of hair loss. Translated, if you are a young person (male or female) and have started losing some hair but still have most of it, this stack should work like gang busters for you. If you are older and don have much hair on your head and have not had much hair on you head for some time, than this stack will be helpful for sure. How helpful, I have no clue. "Right, enough blabbering Brink, give us the damn stack!" you say? Here it is:

Wash hair with Nizoral shampoo every day leaving it on the scalp for at least 5 minutes. Every third or fourth day, use a selenium based shampoo such as Head and Shoulders instead.
Take one quarter of a tab of Proscar (1.25mg) with a meal and a 5mg tab every 5-7 days.
Put Minoxidil on your head in the morning and before bed. Note: I have found using Minoxidil once a day before bed with the above compounds is sufficient, and putting it on in the morning gives you an ugly "do" (or is that a "don ?!"). However, the directions on the bottle say to put it on twice a day for best results.
Finally, rub Folligen in the scalp where the hair is thinning before bedtime and wash it out in the morning. Note: Put the Minoxidil on first but make sure it has dried before adding theFolligen. Heres the best way to do it. Put the Minoxidil on first, then do your other pre bedtime activities, like brush your teeth, take some vitamins, turn out the lights, kick the cat, or what ever. Now put on the Folligen after the Minoxidil has dried.
haaruitval is vaak genetische aanleg op de top van je hoofd zijn er een aantal haren die genetisch... zeg maar .. allergisch zijn voor dht. Dihydrotestosterone laat langzaam maar zeker je haarje afsterven.

Als je proscar(finasteride) of dusteride (Een nog sterkere 5 alpha enzyme blokker) neemt zal je ook last krijgen van bijwerkingen maar je haaruitval zal in de meste gevallen minder worden.

Je kan ook

spironolactone 5%
nizoral 2%
xandrox 12,5%

Dit zijn allemaal middelen die je niet oraal neemt. hier zijn goeie resultaten mee behaalt maar echter zijn ze erg duur
en erfelijke kaalheid kun je remmen maar naar mijn mening niet stoppen

Beschrijving van de volgende middelen

spironolactone 5%

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nizoral 2%:

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xandrox 12,5%

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