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Zijn er mensen die ervaring hebben met L-PPA?
Het zou een goede vervanger moeten zijn voor efedrine en clenbuterol?
Is het in n.l ook verkrijgbaar?
nog nooit van gehoord...miss. een link met wat info???

Phenylpropanolamine {dl-norephedrine} is a synthetic compound that has been used for several decades as an OTC decongestant, bronchodilator and anorectic. It is the active ingredient in most OTC weight loss products that you find in your local drug store (e.g. Dexatrim, Accutrim), Long overlooked by most of the bodybuilding community, phenylpropanolamine (dl-PPA) is actually superior to ephedrine in its thermogenic, lipolytic, and anorectic properties. In at least one study involvong various congeners and isomers of dl-PPA, it was shown to be significantly more thermogenic than ephedrine and not much less potent a thermogen than dl-amphetamine.13 (DL-amphetamine is a highly addictive medication that is a prescription only, Schedule C-II Controlled Substance in The Unites States while dl-PPA is an incredibly inexpensive substance with a cost factor similar to ephedrine.)

In one study, the effects of chronic treatment with dl-PPA on bodyweight (BW), food intake (FI), water intake (WI) and intercapsular brown adipose tissue (IBAT) thermogenesis in adult male Sprague-Dawley rats were evaluated. In the study, the rats were treated with either placebo or 5, 10, or 20 mg/kg of dl-PPA twice a day for 12 days. Rats in the 20 mg/kg treatment group exhibited significant decreases in FI and BW but not WI. Basal IBAT temperature was slightly increased in the chronic 20 mg/kg dl-PPA rats and there was no evidence of tolerance to the acute IBAT thermogenic effect of 20 mg/kg dl-PPA.14 Also, much like ephedrine, caffeine demonstrates a positive thermogenic and lipolytic synergy when co-admininstered with dl-PPA.

Another experiment using the same type of rats clearly demonstrated that the combination of caffeine and dl-PPA produced significantly greater thermogenesis than the use of dl-PPA alone.15 However, dl-PPA does not meet all of the inclusion criteria we originally set forth in above. Being a synthetic compound, dl-PPA is an OTC drug and NOT a food supplement. However, one of the isomers, the "levo" form, or l-PPA is naturally occurring and as luck would have it, the naturally occurring l-PPA possesses about twice the potency of the synthetic d-PPA with regards to thermogenesis, effect on bodyweight, and effect on decreasing food intake.11 Thus, l-PPA could easily be utilized and sold as a food supplement and not an OTC drug.

We feel that in addition to being a more potent thermogen and lipolytic when compared with ephedrine, l-PPA (or even dl-PPA) is a superior anorectic. This property may be of significant importance to individuals utilizing calorie-restrictive diets in addition to supplementation for weight reduction. The ability to stave off the pangs of hunger may have a dramatic and positive psychological effect in ANY weight reduction program. Phenylpropanolamine also has a better safety profile than ephedrine does and the potential side effects (e.g. increased nervousness, insomnia, tachycardia, hypertension, dry mouth, etc.) are typically more prevalent and exacerbated with ephedrine than with phenylpropanolamine. Thus, we suggest dl-PPA or the racemate, l-PPA if available, over ephedrine in any thermogenic/lipolytic stack.
Heeft er hier niemand ervaring met L-PPA??
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