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Anabolic Nurtrition: Controlling Cortisol with Advanced Mineral Transporter Technololgy


Dr. Steve Haltiwinger MD, CCN

Competitive athletes and body builders know that high serum cortisol has a catabolic effect causing muscle breakdown and difficulty maintaining lean muscle mass. For an athlete interested in maintaining an anabolic state reducing high cortisol levels can help reduce muscle breakdown. Clinical research with competitive athletes has found that a special form of magnesium called magnesium orotate can help reduce cortisol elevations.

Beyond the improvement in cortisol, magnesium orotate supplementation can also increase performance by helping maintain higher venous oxygen levels during sustained exercise and improve the clearance of lactic acid in competitive athletes. Russian research has found that combining small amounts of calcium orotate, potassium orotate and zinc arginate with magnesium orotate can give additional performance benefits.

Editors note: Use magnesium orotate 500mg tablets 4-6/day, calcium orotate 612.5 mg tablets 2-4/day, zinc arginate 60mg tablets 2-3/day and potassium orotate 175mg capsules 2-4/day. Do not use more than 4 capsules of potassium orotate per day because higher doses can cause palpitations in some minerally deficient athletes.

Magnesium, potassium and calcium orotate and zinc arginate are not just mineral supplements. They are mineral transporters, which are the most effective substances known for delivering these minerals to the interior of the cells. Mineral transporters have dual roles. First the minerals delivered into the cells are involved in cellular processes like energy production and protein synthesis. Also, since the transport carriers orotic acid and the amino acid arginine themselves have natural roles in cellular metabolism, they synergistically support cellular energy production as well as the synthesis of genetic material and proteins.

Orotate mineral transporters use the natural amino acid orotic acid as the carrier substance while arginate mineral transporters use the amino acid arginine as the carrier. Orotic acid and arginine when combined with the minerals magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc will form stable compounds that are highly absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. These mineral transporters are absorbed into the blood stream with the minerals still attached to the carriers, which provides the benefit of being able to direct minerals to body tissues that naturally use these amino acids. The use of orotate and arginate mineral transporters in a sense places an address on the minerals. Muscle and heart cells naturally use these amino acids. So these tissues will take significant amounts of these transporters and their attached minerals. When muscle and heart cells take up the carriers the minerals get a free ride into the cells.

Because advanced transporter technology is used, the amount of elemental mineral content in these transporters can remain in the physiological range allowing support, but not disruption of cellular processes. In summary, it is not the amount of minerals ingested that is most important. What is important is being able to direct minerals to particular tissues and insure that the minerals are delivered in a form that enhances cellular delivery. By using these mineral transporters athletes can control elevated cortisol, maintaining themselves in an anabolic state, while at the same time supporting energy production, muscular performance and enhancing removal of lactic acid.

Golf SW, Bender S, Gruttner J. On the significance of magnesium in extreme physical stress. Cardiovasc Drugs Ther 1998 Sep; 12 Suppl 2:197-202.
Je moet wel erg veel van die mineralen gebruiken. Zinc arginate 60 mg 2-3 caps per dag? Ik dacht dat je niet meer dan 100 mg zink per dag moest nemen? Of kan het ook aan de soort verbinding liggen?
Johny zei:
Je moet wel erg veel van die mineralen gebruiken. Zinc arginate 60 mg 2-3 caps per dag? Ik dacht dat je niet meer dan 100 mg zink per dag moest nemen? Of kan het ook aan de soort verbinding liggen?

Arginine is een molecuul (aminozuur) bestaande uit meerdere atomen. Zinc is slechts 1 atoom (maar wel een zware :) ). Dus die verbinding is maar voor een klein deel zink.

Bij orotaat verbindingen is gemiddeld ongeveer 1 tiende deel van je supplement het gewicht van het mineraal. Wat de verhouding is bij arginate verbindingen weet ik niet.

Zelf neem ik magnesium oxide. Dat neemt redelijk goed op als je een tekort hebt. Magnesium oxide is ongeveer 50% magnesium.
Ok, daar had ik zelf niet zo bij nagedacht. Maar is het de moeite waard? Ennuh 3, wat denk je er zelf van?
Vind Poliquin wel betrouwbaar.

Wil het zelf na de vakantie periode eens gaan proberen, ben nu nog op zoek waar het te krijgen is.
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