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Muscles te koop (jeezzes)

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25 feb 2003
Surgeons of the future may implant 'bionic muscles', thanks to a breakthrough at the University of Wollongong.

Scientists at the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute (IPRI) have found carbon nanotubes (carbon atoms organised in the shape of a tube) are stimulated by low voltage electric current.
IPRI director Professor Gordon Wallace says these carbon nanotubes could, in the future, be stimulated to perform like human muscle. While Professor Wallace says this research is in its infancy, IPRI's work has potential for the disabled community.
Professor Wallace believes this research will lead first to advances in robotics, with human applications following..

The people at GE developed a way to mix metal and rubber, using Mercury...hence magentic rubber. Theres a type of metal, NiTi, which contracts with great force when a current or heat is applied. The only problem is, metal is dense and cannot contract in on itself very fast, and it heats itself up from the friction. So i was thinking...use the GE solution and combine (by metling them both and adding Hg) NiTi and a type of conductive rubber that can be ordered in sheets. Wouldnt that give you a material that was slightly less felxible than rubber, lightweight, and contracts when current is passed through it?

Klinkt misschien nog Sci-Fi, maar het kan veel zieke mensen helpen.. En wat ons betreft.. Hoef je geen spieren meer te kweken.. Kan je ze gewoon binnekort in de handel krijgen..
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