Myo-Blast CSP3 van Cytodyne

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24 mrt 2003
Manufacture Cytodyne kennen we misschien al van Xenadrine, maar ze verkopen nu ook een anabolische supplement dat heet
Myo-Blast CSP3. Hier bij wil ik vragen of iemand dit product kent of ervaring meeheeft.

(Een van de duurste anabolic boosters , maar dat zegt tuurlijk niks)

Hier een link:

[Link niet meer beschikbaar]


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8 okt 2002
Het is niet een of ander anabolische booster. Het zou een product moeten zijn dat het gen myostatine neutraliseerd. Hierdoor kan je theoretisch oneindig veel spiermassa opbouwen. In praktijk kan dat echter door het gen letterlijk te vernietigen, en niet door een neutralisatie daarvan.
Het middel werkt dan ook niet... (is een conclusie uit een door ons uitgevoerde test)


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15 nov 2002
There are a lot of "companies" on the internet trying to take advantage
of the basic research that was done here. I can say without any fear of
being incorrect that their claims are absolutely untested, and if they
were to be legitimately tested, they would be proven false.

The scientists here who initially discovered myostatin's effects on
muscle growth and other scientists studying myostatin have not yet found
a myostatin blocker, although pharmaceutcal company researchers are
working diligently to do so. There is, in fact, no "natural" blocker of
myostatin either. The line of cattle that are "double-muscled" and the
line of "mighty mice" created here at Hopkins are missing the myostatin
gene entirely - the cattle initially through chance and the mice by the
carefully engineering the genetic material of mouse embryos. Even if a
"natural" inhibitor of myostatin exists somewhere, you can be assured
that no internet "company" hawking supplements to body builders has the
scientific, technical or legal capability to test whether a compound or
product does in fact block myostatin, and neither would they be the
first to find it. Without any doubt at all, their product does not block
myostatin, has never been tested to see whether it blocks myostatin, and
is likely to be the same protein and carbohydrate powder they're selling
under a host of names. No government agency regulates the claims of
dietary supplements, and internet companies selling them do not have
researchers looking for new products.

The first website you mention makes claims that blocking myostatin will
make humans gain muscle. FACT: No myostatin blocker exists, hence no
study in any animal of any sort has tested blocking of myostatin, and
there's no way to know if blocking myostatin will have the same effect
on muscle development as knocking out the gene entirely. It will take
years if not a decade simply to identify potential agents, test them in
laboratory studies and test them in animals. It will then take years
more to carry out initial studies in human patients, most likely people
with fatal muscle wasting conditions for which there is no current
treatment. And another five to 10 years after that until such an agent,
if initial clinical trials are good, would be approved by the FDA for
treating those conditions. There is no myostatin blocking agent, period.
Please forgive my venting, but these "companies" are so clearly
present-day snake oil salesmen, that it just really gets me. Please pass
this on to others you know who are interested in myostatin, and stay

Ff wat gezocht en dit gevonden op een forum.

[Link niet meer beschikbaar]

lijkt me dure snake-oil. Ook na de andere info die ik gevonden heb op het Internet. En dan niet van supplement sellers maar medische bronnen.

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