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16 mei 2006

Coach Greg. Your soft approach to sharing the horror of mid-life dating is respectable but the truth and reality are this. If by your 40s you have not found the one, the one is not out there to be found. I take care of my body, I look good but I have not acquired wealth. So the only women who are available in my income bracket are straight-up hoggers that look like something out of the texas chainsaw massacre movies aka leather face. Fat, two-plus ex-husbands, dysfunctional kids, drama on top of drama, and nothing but pure hate in their hearts. Unbondable sociopaths who think they want a relationship but in reality, all they want is someone to beat on. I am starting to wonder if all women over 40 are fat lazy and psychopaths. I have taken a new approach to dating, I go over to a friend's house, and on the way, I throw about $70 cash out the window, have my friend come out to my car, kick me in the balls, and then I drive back home. It's saving me lots of time without being catfished, listening to some stomach-turning negative conversation, and having to pay to watch her stuff her fat face just drive all the way back home while hating myself for knowing better but willing to suffer out the utter de·bauch·er·y due to being an eternal optimist!
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