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Shocking News RIP Matt Mendenhall

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29 aug 2021

Bodybuilder Matt Mendenhall dead at 61​

RIP🙏🏽❤️💪🏾 Rest In Peace, Matt Mendenhall. (AKA. Mr. Genetics) was one of the most promising youngsters in 1982 along with Lee Haney. He’s considered the greatest bodybuilder to have never turned professional. Matt has a list of unfortunate illnesses that stopped him from reaching his peak and earning his pro card. But despite all his bad luck, he didn’t give up on his dream until he was forced to – his body started to shut down after years of intense bodybuilding

Matt Mendenhall became famous in the 1980s, showcasing a really mind-blowing physique at the height of his powers. Mendenhall was honored by many, including Lee Haney, as having one of the amazing physiques of the era.


Although there is no official report about Matt Mendenhall’s cause of death at this time, some rumors are following his death. Matt has a list of unfortunate illnesses that prevented him from reaching his top and earning his pro card. Some believed his health problems led to his passing

Matt performed in more than 9 competitions, winning 4 of them. However, he came second on many occasions; Matt lost very respectably; in 1982, 22-year-old Matt lost out to future legend Lee Haney.

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