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Searching for the right program. 23yrs, 1.82, 77kg, 2yrs experience

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15 nov 2019
Hey guys. I am a 23 year old guy from Germany. I have been lifting about a full 2 years now and have been working out 5 days every week evere since. (And I worked out some time when I was like 16/17 and didn’t knew the f*ck I was doing haha.)

I have always been really a typical mesomorph guy, who can can gain/lose fat pretty easily. For the past two years I fell in love with strength training to improve my physique.

These past two years I have been searching for bodybuilding information/tips/tricks/science etc. almost every day, to learn as much as I can.

Altough I pretty much have nailed to create descent diets for myself, from which I know what to eat to gain/lose fat/muscle, I struggle to find the perfect workout split for myself. And yet I am really paying attention to my form.

I really think I could grow more efficiently, if my training routine would be set up more properly and get more out of myself. I feel like I am maybe doing too much volume, while training 5 times per week. (For example: like 15/16 working sets in total for my lats and middle back because my lats are lacking a bit, because of my build)

So I would like to know if someone knows or can recommend a descent training split of 5 days of training per week, while focussing primarely on hypertrophy and secondly on strength.

With that being said, I mean I like to know for example a descent upper, lower, rest, chest/arms, legs, back/shoulders, rest kinda workout with X amount of reps and sets.

Currently I am running a 5 day split of push, pull, push, pull, legs (with only one day of training legs, because my legs alwats have been a strong point of mine, and otherwise I am afraud my body will grow out of proportion)

My stats:

I am still pretty lean 11 weeks into my lean bulk and planning to do a deload next week. I think I am like 10/11% bodyfat right now. My body is likely to store the first pounds around my hips (love handles), while the rest is staying relatively lean.

Height in cm: 182
Height in foot 5 feet 11/6 foot
Weight in kg’s: 77
Weight in lbs: 169.8

For some photo’s of my physique to maybe being able to give a better advice, you can PM me, hence I dont like to share my “gym” photos with the whole world ;)

And lastly, I want to apologize in advance, because clearly English is not my mother tongue/native language.

I really hope you guys can help me to find a proper workout split for the next coming weeks. Because all of those different advices and programs that are available on the internet are confusing me. I want to thank you guys ahead in time. :)


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6 jun 2015
High! Verry welkom to this side. Its nais to have you here! I wish you verry much succes to get at your goals and biond! Greetings from Camel.
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