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Starting sarms for the first time.

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18 nov 2022

I'd would like to start Sarms like ( RAD-140 or RAD-150, i've read alot of good personnal experiences from peoples from reddit. ). And probably another sarms u guys could advice me to add, taking in care what i'm looking for ( I'll say my objective at the end of that post. )

I know that I will have to ask a blood work before starting my cycle, and 5 semi life after the last intake.

My questions are,

- What should I ask to see in my blood?

- I wanna gain muscle, have my body correctly drawed, and so lost fat, i'm actually at 25% of fat and i'm scopping 10%, combinating RAD-140 is there anything else I could add?

- For how much time should I take it? And what about the dosages? Probably you could give me infos when I got my blood test.

- What is the best advices you could give me to reduces all the possibles risks? I doesn't want to lost my libido or smth like this, I could accept a temporary side effect who make me less or more libido, but not forever.

Also, there is a biography of me.

- Age : 18
- Size : 182cm
- Weight : 89kg ( Without fat : 66kg aprox )
- Fat : 27%
- IMC : 26.8
- Muscle : 39%
- Skull : 3.1kg

My objective will also be to having a correct IMC, reduce fat to 10-12%, and gain in muscle and draw my whole body. I'm taking in count that I'll have to do alot of cardio, bodybuilding, eat protein everyday, and having a deficit of calories.
No usage of anabolic steroids or SARMs allowed on this website when you're under the age of 21.
In my country we are adult already at age 18, I know that in somes country it's 21
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