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Lekker buikje :sad:

Dit is beter.
De vorige waren vorige week genomen tijdens guestposing.

omg wat een vetzak daaro :/

maja das lee ook offseason :D
Die buik verpest heel de rest van ze fysiek :s
To say that I hate to have to be writing this is a severe understatement. Left with any other choice, I'd still be doing the NOC.

After being sick for more than a week, and having to be forced, literally, by my wife, to go to the doctor, I finally did so. I went to a local clinic in Marina Del Rey, CA, where I live. The doctor that ran a standard blood panel, came back with my test results, and very nicely, told my wife that she should take me to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY.

So, Rebecca and I went to get some ice cream before going to the Harbor UCLA Medical Center (rememeber, I was dieting). I was at the hospital for 15 minutes before they admitted me into ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

I've got bleeding ulcers that make eating anything very difficult. Especially all the protein from chciken and turkey. I also have some kidney damage.

They THINK the prognosis is good, and that there's a possibility I could one day compete again. But that's doctor's, and what THEY say.

I, however, have a whole lot to think about. My friends, family, the writers, people at Weider, and whoever has found out to this point, seems to think I'm going to make a snap decision in 15 minutes. NOPE.

I've got MONTHS to decide what to do, while my kidney's and ulcers heal. I plan on taking MONTHS to decide what to do. I want to see how fast, if at all, my body and organs, heal. There's no rush, and no timetable just to satisfy someone else's agenda for when they think I should compete.

Peace.. tp

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Ik zie er beter uit :), wel wat lichter:)
shit :(

overmatig gebruik eist zijn tol...
Zie je toch bij steeds meer pro s. Wheeler don long e.d allemaal kidney problemen......
Probleem is dat ze elk seizoen weer opnieuw (moeten)gebruiken om weer te groeien
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