IFBB Tampa Pro 2016

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Ryan Pateracki 2 days out ... shredded!

Alexis Rivera depleted, 3 days out

Ricardo Correia 1 day out


212 Prejudging

Charles Ray Arde - thick upper body, wide back, not in shape. Still good potential even for an older guy but he needs to dial it in. Looks 8 weeks out at least.

John Arendsz - Smaller guy for the class, good quads, conditioning is pretty solid. He's pushing 50 so good showing but he doesn't have the mass to roll here.

Ahmad Ashkanani - HOLY SANTA CLAUS SHIT!!!!! Game over. Olympia contender. He'll push flex and Jose. Jesus lord how did he make 212.

Al Auguste - well that dude is hard to follow but Al looks good. Better conditioning than in Vancouver, not sure he's quite as sharp when he won last year. Conditioning is still good, good back shots. Al brought it here but unfortunately he ran into The Kuwait dude.

Thomas Bengali - crazy front double bicep, he looks really good here. Conditioning from the back is softer, especially in his hams and glutes, he's gonna lose ground there. Wide back, good side shots.

Marian Cambal - really impressive structure and aesthetics, best shape I've seen him in yet! This guy is really put together. Could use a little more back density/depth but he's very complete. Great quads with good separation.

Stephane Caron - Good conditioning but not crazy , impressive muscularity for his frame, needs more chest thickness. Could be dryer overall

Raul Carrasco - pretty dialed in in his front shots, quads still need to come up some, great side shots, not as tight in his back shots as his front. Still has a good rear double bicep. Needs more chest thickness.

Khaled Chikhaouli - decent conditioning but he's just too small to roll here. Good aesthetics, if he could fill out some he could do well. Legs not as hard from the back as the front. Classic might be an option.

Ricardo Correia - wow, this guy looks good! Good quads, nice front double bicep, legs need to be a little harder in his side and back shots. Lats need thickness, he loses some wow factor in his back Shots, great most muscular.

Chris Darby - Better than he's consistently been but not as razor sharp as the last time I saw him, I believe it was Phoenix last year. He's got a really small frame and is a short guy but he seems to be continuing to add thickness. Needs to be sharper and he could move up to a first callout at some shows.

Rafael Diaz Arechiga - nice shape to his quads, good front double bicep, he's put together we bit the conditioning overall isn't there, especially his upper back. Good potential.

Michael Ergas - wow this might be the best I've ever seen him. Pretty dialed in from front to back, great rear double bicep, hams hang in his side shots. Could be just a bit dryer but he really brought it here! Very impressed!

Joseph Fernandez - smaller guy but he's got some good muscle bellies and fullness. Great side chest and tricep shots. Impressive in his back shots. Another guy with good potential. Lats need a little thickness yet.

Wendell Floyd - good structure but he's just not as sharp as he needs to be again. Needs to control his stomach. Upper back looks harder than he rest of him.

Kyung Won Kang - great aesthetics, good quads, needs to be leaner all around, lats need more width for sure. Better in his front and side shots than the back.

Orlando Maldonado - smaller frame and not a ton of muscle but he flows well. Needs to be leaner all around. Needs more hamstring thickness, legs soft from behind but his rear double bicep is still an impressive shot, good lats too! Tiny waist in his ab shots.

Alison Maria - Wide upper body, needs more chest fullness. Decent muscularity but he doesn't flow as well as some of the other guys. Conditioning is respectable.

Walter Martin - really good quads, needs more upper body thickness all around. Conditioning is better than where he's been at but he still needs to continue to tighten up.

Fernando De Almeida - Really like his look! Small waist, great v taper, legs could use some more size but they still look good, conditioning is solid, much better than his last outings! Upper back could still be a little leaner but he looks good. Should be first csllout.

Bola Ojex - incredible aesthetics, great sweep on his quads, not as lean as eve seen him and he's not massive enough up top To be able to be off here. Good v taper in his back shots but the crispness just isn't there.

Cesar Estela - Good Physiqie but in this lineup he just needs to be bigger and and leaner. Quads have good jape but need to be thicker, good most muscular shots, ripped midsection.

Quincy Winklaar - Definitely better than in Vancouver but still not as hard as he needs to be. He's got some crazy triceps like his brother but with his physique he needs to be shredded to get a good look. Rear double bicep is good, hams are coming in, just needs to keep pushing the conditioning.

Nathan Wonsley - good quads and arms, what appears to be a double inner pec tear has left him with literally no upper chest so that's hurting him. I think it was from some kind of accident. Back looks to have injury issues as well.
1st callout


second callout


Third Callout


Last callout

Holy fuck die Ahmed

Classic Physique

First Callout


2nd Callout

5th Place : Ko Chandetka
4th Place : Bennett Streets
3rd Place : Elverine McGhee
2nd Place : Darrem Charles
2016 IFBB Tampa Pro Classic Physique Champion : Terrence Ruffin


Fitness Awards
5th Place : Aspen Bunyak
4th Place : Jeanine Taddeo
3rd Place : Stacy Dawn
2nd Place : Kristine Duba
2016 IFBB Tampa Pro Fitness Champion : Marta Aguilar

Men's Physique Awards
5th Place : Hygor Panchet
4th Place : Geobanny Paula
3rd Place : Diogo Montenegro
2nd Place : Michael Mperey
2016 IFBB Tampa Pro Mens Physique Champion : Andre Fergusson

Women's Physique Awards
5th Place : Ericka Blockman
4th Place : Rocio Guillen
3rd Place : Rosela Joseph
2nd Place : Patricia Mello
2016 IFBB Tampa Pro Women's Physique Champion : Gloria Faulls

Figure Awards
5th Place : Kim Clark
4th Place : Natalie Abraham Coelho
3rd Place : Georgina Lona
2nd Place : Sandra Grajales Romero
2016 IFBB Tampa Pro Figure Champion: Jennifer Taylor


Confirmation Round First Callout


Confirmation Round 2nd Callout

212 Awards

5th Place : Quincy Winklaar
4th Place : Cesar Estela
3rd Place : Michael Ergas
2nd Place Bola Ojex
2016 IFBB Tampa Pro 212 Champion : Ahmad Ashkanani


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