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14 mrt 2011
Het nieuwe album van the lonely island, de lyrics slaan zoals altijd weer op niets ze zijn te zalig. :D

Post er enkele de rest kan je vinden op die gast zijn channel.

Japan Lyrics

I can't believe we're in Japan!
Look at all the lights!
The food!
The people!

We're three cool white friends in Japan (Japan!)
We've never been to Japan
So we wrote a song about the three of us in Japan
And our label has to pay for it

Here we are at our five star hotel
The one from LOST IN TRANSLATION (In Japan!)
The views are amazing
And their champagne waiting
Because that's how we wrote it (Yummy!)

And now the label has to pay for the video (yay!)
And pay for everything that we say (no matter what!)
For example I'll be getting a massage right now
And I'll be drinking some sake (So expensive!) (Who cares?)

Here we are at the most expensive sushi restaurant in Japan (mmm!)
And now we're at Tokyo Disneyland
And now we're in Hawaii for one random shot that our label has to pay for!

Cause we're three cool white friends in Japan (In Asia!)
The fact that we're white isn't why we're friends
But we are white, and we're friends (In Japan)

At this point in the video we'll be super drunk (WEEEE!)
Standing near some kind of Dragon
And then we'll buy some stinky used girls panties
Out of one of those pervert vending machines
Now we've seen sumo wrestling live
Unless we get dropped by our label

Cause we're three white douchebags in Japan (That's us!)
It's all part of our master plan
To get some much needed R&R
At the expense of Universal Records

Wow Look at all this Japanese money
It's called Yen
I heard it's worth more than American money
Let's dump it in the river!
(phone rings)
Moshi Moshi
Guys it's the label
This video's really expensive and-

Dump it in the River!
Our rental car!
Dump it in the River!
This old guy!
Dump him in the river!

I was walkin' through the city streets
And a man walks up to me and hands me the latest energy drink
"Run faster, jump higher"
Man, I'm not gonna let you poison me

I threw it on the ground
You must think I'm a joke
I ain't gonna be part of your system
Man! Pump that garbage in another man's face

I go to my favorite hot dog stand
And the dude says, "You come here all the time! Here's one for free."
I said, "Man! What I look like? A charity case?"

I took it and threw it on the ground!
I don't need your handouts!
I'm an adult!
You can't buy me hot dog, man!

At the farmer's market with my so called girlfriend
She hands me her cell phone, says it's my dad
Man, this ain't my dad!
This is a cell phone!

I threw it on the ground!
What, you think I'm stupid?
I'm not a part of your system
My dad's not a phone!

Some poser hands me cake at a birthday party

[ From: ]

Whatcha want me to do with this? Eat it?

Happy birthday to the ground!
I threw the rest of the cake, too!
Welcome to the real word, jack*ss!

So many things to throw on the ground
Like this, and this, and that, and even this
I'm an ADULT!

Two Hollywood phonies try to give me their autograph
Nobody wants your autograph, phonies!

Then the two phonies got up
Turned out the had a taser
And they tased me in the butthole

Fell to the ground
The phonies didn't let up
Tasin' on my butthole over and over

I was screamin' and squirmin'
My butthole was on fire
The moral of the story is

You can't trust the system



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14 mrt 2011
Deze is anders ook wel vet en toepasselijk hier :p

Hey man.
Dude you're looking pretty swoll, you been working out?
Uh yeah, why are you looking?
Oh no, not like that man, I mean, no homo.
Ohhh no homo.
When you want to compliment a friend (no homo)
But you don't want that friendship to end (no homo)
To tell a dude just how you feel (no homo)
Say 'no homo' so he knows the deal (no homo)
Hey yo man you got a fresh style (no homo)
And you know you got the best smile (no homo)
Your girlfriend is a lucky lady (no homo)
With your looks you'll make a handsome baby (no homo)
I like the way your shoulders fill out that shirt (no homo)
It's hard to pull off but you make it work (no homo)
Hey yo I kinda like your natural scent (no homo)
Hey yo I kinda like the musical Rent (no homo)
Man I can't decide who wore it best (no homo)
But I'm feeling Diane Keaton's vest (no homo)
I admit it I'm a fashionista (no homo)
And I know every line of Mystic Pizza (no homo)
Damn this rose is something special (no homo)
Yeah, we should goof around and wrestle (no homo)

[ From: ]

Let's hit the hot tub and take a dunk (no homo)
We're all friends ain't no need for trunks (no homo)
Man I'm really feeling buzzed right now (no homo)
Are you really feeling buzzed right now? (no homo)
Yo we should watch this gay porno tape (no homo)
But as a joke cause we're all straight (no homo)
Man you could wash laundry on those abs (no homo)
Yo I think girls look good in drag (no homo)
Hey I've been thinking about posing nude (no homo)
Yo I've been thinking about ****ing a dude (no homo)
We could 3-way 69 (no homo)
Or human centipede in a line (no homo)
Or some docking could be hella fun ( no homo)
Oh yeah man or I could do this one (no homo)
Hey yo no homo but I wanna dress up like Dorothy
and butt **** a dude while he 69s Morrissey(?)
No homo but I wish I lived in Ancient Greece
To gave young Socrates the illful release
Hey yo no homo but today I'm coming out the closet
Wanna scream it from the mountains like a gay prophet
These two words have set me free (no homo)
Damn it feels good to be (no homo)


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10 feb 2009
deze is zo dirty dat ik er in mijn broek van moest poepen. daarna heb ik het in mijn gezicht smeert en heb het er na 15 minuten af gepist.

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