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Weet iemand misschien de gemiddelde straatwaarde van EPO 2000iu?

of voor hoeveel heb jij ze gezien of wat heb je er voor betaald?

alvast bedankt!
Euhm is dit niet iets voor in het subforum?
er is toch niks mis mee om te vragen wat je voor je epo-2000 betaald heb?
Is ook niet, maar ik dach omdat het min of meer over handel gaat dat het in het subforum hoorde.... maar daar kom ik nog niet in, dus ik weet niet precies waar daar precies over gesproken wordt.... maar misschien heb je daar ook meer kans, gezien de reacties hier... Just a thought.
Epo word vooral door duursporters gebruikt om hun uithoudingsvermogen te vergroten en om zo snel mogelijk hersteld te zijn en weer fit zijn voor de volgende wedstrijd(meestal na 1 dag) , hier heb ik een artikel erover :


Here is Animals take on it, from what I gather though you can get similar, and safer results with Anadrol, since both increase the amount of red blood cells being produced

Disclaimer: From hear on out I/me/my/mine are referring to SOMEONE ELSE. I just chose to write this in first person because it is easier. I don't know where to get EPO nor do I sell it. I WILL NOT divulge dosages of EPO or glycerol, either, because I won't be responsible for others stupidity nor will I further their understanding and willingness to plagiarize my work.

From the results that I have gotten, I find it rather amazing that more hasn't been out there in print about this stuff. Probably because most of the users are idiots and only do what the doctors tell them to do and they don't know nor are they smart enough to write about it. It also seems to me that there is more happening in the body than just increased blood cells. From the recovery side which is most important to me, EPO is very steroid-like and in fact is BETTER than steroids.

Ok, all that being said, I took 'some' EPO EOD for 2 weeks before yesterday. My last dose was 5 days ago. I was on nothing else. No hGH, no IGF-1, no AS, nothing. 4 days after my last RWR dose I tested my BP (Blood Pressure) and it was 143, 144, and 139 on consecutive days. My heart rate was 83, 77, and 66. On the 7th day from my last RWR dose my BP dropped to 133 and 130 and my heart rate was 53 and 50. All those readings were taken within the same hour every day. I think the RWR is more than stanazolol and that sure as shit sounds like hyperthyroid conditions, but that is another story. So, the good part was that my BP wasn't going up on the EPO. The literature says that you most likely won't notice an increase before 2 weeks, but remember, that is dealing with sick people.

Note: neither of the races I did had any money in them so I was not taking away anything from anybody. 10 days after my first dose of EPO, I did a race that I hadn't expected to do, but I figured why not? Might as well see if this stuff is working. Did the race and we averaged over 30mph for 50K. This was the fastest race anyone who raced it did all year for that distance. The guy I raced with was a pro and finished in the top 10 at the US nationals road race this year and he was surprised at the speed. In other words, he can ride VERY LONG distances at the Tour de France level with no problem. He could have won this particular event with any old crappy rider on his team, but he got me! It was a team event and we won with no problem and we set a crushing pace. I didn't have my computer working so I couldn't tell how fast we were going at the time. We got off the front a couple times while lapping the field and I was happy to' hang on' and take my share of the work. Two days later, I was talking to my team manager and he said, 'Rider 'X' said you rode a helluva race the other night. Rider 'X' tried to drop you and went as hard as he could several times and when he looked back he couldn't believe you were still there and then you pulled through!' AHAHAHA and it gets better. Reports from the rest of the field said we were doing 35mph plus in the process of lapping the field. That's only 10 days after the first dose and a day after the last dose.

The point of EPO, however, is recovery and the ability to do that kind of work within a couple days or even the next day. Had a hundred mile race 3 days after. Some of the better guys who raced were still shelled 3 days later and I was ready to go. After 50 miles those same riders were pretty much useless for the rest of the race. Did I win? No as there were a couple of problems. One was with my team support car. They were supposed to meet me at mile 50 and re-supply me with water for the next 50 miles. Right about 50 a break went away, but my water was nowhere to be seen. This is big time worry for me because I have trouble with cramps in long races. Also, there was no way in hell I was going to be busting my ass without water while on EPO. For about 5 miles I worked and we held them within a couple hundred yards and the pack was big with 70 or so riders so this was no problem. UNTIL a dumbass pulled out of the paceline into another riders front wheel. Instantly 10 guys go down at 28mph. (At the end of the race the word was that 3 guys never got up from that crash and got a trip to the hospital, not a safe sport!) I was able to avoid it, but then we sped up to 30 for a few miles and that dropped the chase group to 35 or so.

Still no sign of my water at mile 60 and then a ****ing truck with a boat on it pulls out in front of us and forces us to slow down to 5-10mph. (Thanks Mr. State Trooper who is supposed to stop all traffic!) Well, kiss that break goodbye, now and it was. That sad part is that the break only averaged around 26mph and finished the race 4 minutes ahead of us. My water showed at mile 63 or so, but was a point when we were doing 30mph so there was no way in hell I was going to be grabbing a bag with 2 water bottles and a coke in it at that speed. I yelled, 'Get in the car and get me that water!' 2-3 miles later they caught up and at least I wouldn't be dying on the side of the road due to dehydration and EPO induced heart attack. Getting a hand-up from a car is always fun, when you can do it, too. You are riding at around 25-27mph and you pull over and ride on the yellow line. They pull up and hand over the goods and you hand over your empties and then bust your ass at about 30 to catch back up, but it doesn't feel bad because you know you can make it now.

Over the next 10 miles I finished 24 oz of water and was working on the second bottle. That puts us at 75 miles and I'm feeling incredibly good. The pack is looking dogged so I went around to a couple guys that I knew and asked if they were up for a break. They said no and maybe would try at 15 or 10 miles to go if I was still up to do it. I said, 'Yea, ok.' I knew I couldn't catch the break myself, but what a bunch of losers. There was no money in this race and nobody knows who finishes second! There were 7 guys up the road and all they want to do is 'sprint in with the pack'. WHO ****ING CARES ABOUT 8th PLACE YOU STUPID ****S! What a bunch of losers.

12 miles to go comes up and I'm sick of this shit. I'm going to make this bunch of losers hurt, now and this is where the EPO was it's best and where I noticed it most. I attacked this bunch of wheel suckers about 10 times over those 12 miles. I went off the front at about 30mph and made them chase like hell. Then when they slowed to 25 or so I went again and again. Each time I would say to the guys in the front, 'Time to suffer!'. Hahaha! I didn't win, but it was fun to have people come up to you at the end of the race and say, 'That was a damn good race you son of a bitch! You beat the hell out of us over the last part of the race!' At least I got some satisfaction.

After the race, the driver of my 'team' car says to me, 'So why didn't you make your own break' I said, 'Right, You are supposed to be there at mile 50 and don't show until 60. I'm on EPO and I'm out of water and don't know if I'm getting more and you want me to put out that type of effort. GET A CLUE, GOOF!'

Ok, so where does all that lead us re: EPO. The recovery from the previous race was great! The recovery during the race was awesome. I could literally go until I had 'substrate exhaustion', yet my legs never burned! When I returned to the group it was only 1-2 minutes before I was recovered and was able to go again. Never experienced anything like that and even blood buffers haven't kept my legs from burning. Additionally, lactic acid makes me really tired and my eyelids even feel heavy after a few of this type of exertions, but I had none of that!

Next day. I had no intention of riding, but I did and I felt great! I couldn't even tell that I did 100miles yesterday. That is kick ass and I have never ridden the day after this race. Furthermore, I was able to ride at normal training pace! This is why I think there is more to EPO than we are lead to believe. 24hour recovery from energy exhaustion can't come from increased oxygen in the blood. I also had no soreness, and no tiredness or heavy legs. Imagine if you could recover like this after doing sets of hundreds. Cost aside, this could be a good diet drug and that leads to one of the only problems I had. After eating after workouts and after the races I would get slightly nauseated to the point of taking some 'anti-nausea medicine.' This could be part of why those cyclists are such sticks. You just don't feel like eating and when you do you get a little sick.

Well, that's about it except for the fact that this was only 2 weeks after the first dose of EPO. I'm not dead, yet so I plan to race again next week to see if the hematocrit levels keep going up as I expect it will. The highlights of this are: No burning, able to work to total failure, able to recover from that type of exertion in a very short time, no lactic acid symptoms such as sleepiness or heavy limbs, no muscle soreness and nearly much total recovery within 24 hours. From an endurance recovery standpoint, I don't see how HGH and/or IGF-1 could beat this. Imagine adding some AS and thyroid to the mix. Hmmm?

Even better than EPO? There is an artificial blood substitute that has 5 times the oxygen carrying ability of human blood! It is made of perfluorocarbons (Teflon) has been used in human patients and will be ok'd by the FDA within 2 years. I know they don't test for those at this point and when it comes out the price of EPO will drop. Some of you guys could look this up and we could get some of those perfluorocarbons as they aren't restricted in any way. Just a thought?

EPO is tested for by measuring your hematocrit level. In my sport a positive test would be anything over 50%. There is no way to test for EPO in itself. For one, its half life is 5-6hours and its effects last longer as I have found. 2nd is that it is the same molecule as what the body produces.

I think this could help after or in between cycles or in during dieting when you are doing aerobics. I mean, anything that will let you work out harder and be less sore would be great. Furthermore, this could apply to general BB as well. In my first post you see that I 'attacked' over and over. That means I went off the front at 35 and then would hold 30mph. That is anaerobic and then aerobic with no burning. It seems to me that wt training which is mostly anaerobic would benefit and if you didn't start to burn during a set you would get all that much more work. Of course, if you didn't recognize the signs of substate failure you could drop the wts on your head, too.

As for the chemistry questions that is another book. I told a doc on this and he said this sounds like oxygen therapy whereas increased oxygen under pressure speeds healing. They use this on burn patients in some cases. As for the ability to do higher aerobic work... I always thought the anaerobic threshold was set by the cells and their ability to carry away lactic acid as well, but this appears to not be true. If you can get more o2 into the cell it appears to be an entirely different ballgame. Granted, more oxygen will keep you from going anaerobic at the same exertion level, but going anaerobic AND NOT HAVING anaerobic symptoms indicates that the limit is the o2 level and not the ability to remove acids or convert them to energy.

Note: EPO, or erythropoietin, a drug produced to treat kidney disease, is used to increase oxygen-carrying red blood cell levels which enhance endurance.
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