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Waar Steril water kopen ???

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7 jan 2004
Steriel water kun je makkelijk zelf maken.

Wie het recept wil hebben mag m hebben voor 5 euries :D

Zal m hier wel ergens in de steroiden sectie plaatsen, mss dat iemand er een sticky van wil maken.


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8 mei 2003

How to Make Bacteriostatic Water


Thanks to Animal and Lewd T for this.

Info confirmed by Animal

No need to boil water, but use distilled water(I got 1 galllon Poland Springs brand I found in store) or water that has gone through reverse osmosis, then filter into sterile bottle through filter.

Use a 0.22 syringe filter which will do 100ml of water.

Be sure to add 1ml of sterile BA for every 99ml of water.

If you do not know what this is for, don't worry about it.


Items needed:

.22 sterile filter
1ml sterile BA(ask if there is a minimum)
100ml sterile vial
20ml syringe (the bigger the syringe the more pressure it takes)
two 18g pins one for drawing water and one for injecting in sterile vial.
small pin 27g for letting air pressure out of vial you injecting BA into

the pin used for injecting into the sterile vial and relieveing air pressure should stay there with the filter until the process is complete. use the other pin to draw the water with. You will be switching the syringe from the filter to the drawing 5 times or so to get 100ml.
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